Protection of prisoners’ rights and debt recovery

Protection of prisoners’ rights and debt recovery

Although one is restricted in personal freedom, life outside goes on.

There are situations in life where a person is sentenced to imprisonment. Suddenly he or she is unable to deal with day-to-day affairs, his or her financial situation is usually less than ideal as he or she loses regular sources of income, and it is not unusual for him or her to be subject to insolvency proceedings.

Does such a person even have the possibility to assert their rights in a situation where their debtors rely on the impossibility of recovering the existing debts?

Yes, they do. As the Constitutional Court ruled in its decision II. ÚS 3112/17, in which we successfully represented our client, “the right of access to the courts must not end behind prison bars”.

The general courts had no choice but to respect our opinion, supported by the Constitutional Court’s ruling, and together with our client we achieved the client’s acquittal and the continuation of the recovery of the not-so-small debt.

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